Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Uses of Protection Film and Tape in India

The protection film has high resistance to punctures and tears and this quality is used to protect the variety of materials. It is used in protection of aluminum composite panels, aluminum surfaces, powder coated and anodized aluminum.  Here, it offers surface protection from scratches during transportation, dirt, moisture and safety against damages during handling, storage and fabrication of the material. This protective film is applied on the panel using film applicator machine. It leaves no residue adhesive after peeling off the film.
Protection film is also used for protection of various grades of stainless steel sheets, S.S, color coasted sheets and other metal buff surface protection.   The protection film is used by hotels, banquets halls, renovators, contractors and builders. They used this to protect the carpets. The protection film is applied on carpets using manual rubber rollers. The film protection can be used for all kinds of carpets in industrial, residential and commercial uses. This film gives protection against dirt, spills and also against tears and cuts marks. The protection film leaves no residue marks on the carpets, when it is removed.

Other major use of protection film is in protection of many types of surfaces. These surfaces are  Buff Surface, PVC , PP –HIPS , metallic ,non metallic, poly carbonet sheets  ,elevators , ceramic , decorative surfaces  F RP sheets and acrylic bath tubs .It offers surface protection against damage from dirt , moisture and Scratches, during transportation, storage and fabrication of the sheets.  The film is applied on these surfaces by the use of film applicator machine for bulk quantity applications.

The protection film is also used as protection film for high pressure decorative laminate sheets, veneers, plywood MDF board and door skins. A special tile tape mosaic film is used to protect mounting stones, ceramic and glass tiles in making of mosaics, borders, listellos, accents and medallions. The film protection, which is used for ceramics and tiles, is strong enough to hold them during transportation and installations. And after the installations, the tape leaves no residue mark on tiles or ceramics. This type of tape is very strong to stretch and tear and can eliminate the difference in levels created by stones and tiles with varying degree of thickness.

This tape is transparent, so that one can see during installations, the pattern of tiles. Often, this type of protection film is used in pools and other such applications. Surface Protection Tape Manufacturer in India provide protection film in different thickness sizes, which ranges from 25 micron to 250 micron with width of 9 MM to 1950 MM in roll form.  Manufacturers are customizing the size and length of the films and tapes as per demand and requirement. Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India, make protection films in black, yellow and blue colors.