Saturday, 30 July 2016

Different surface protection tapes and their uses

Surface protection films and tapes are used to protect products and goods during transportation, installation and erection from scratches marks, abrasions, cuts, dirt and dust particles. These tape and films are also used during renovation works at homes or commercial properties. Some of them are also used in packaging.

Bioxially oriented polypropylene tapes are meant for product packaging .The tapes are made with high quality adhesive material for securing the products that are packed with the tape. The tape can be printed with the brand name or logo of the clients. These tapes come with excellent peel strength. The bioxially polypropylene tapes are available in couple of varieties. The rubber based tapes are used for cold temperature packaging purposes. Then there are printed, brown or transparent tapes.

The characteristics of these tapes are their strong grip, optimum tack, strength of the tape and excellent peel performance under extreme pressure and temperatures. The tapes can be used on all types of surfaces such as paper, wood, plastic, glass, fiber, and metal.

Surface protection tapes Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India  and films are the excellent form of surface protection for temporary purposes .Films films are made from good quality raw material and adhesive. The surface protection tapes provide protection during any weather conditions. The use of tape is very easy and they do not leave any trace of adhesive material on the surface of the product after removal.
Some surface protection tapes and films are available without glue or adhesive. The four types of tapes come in the surface protection category. These four categories are industrial duct tapes, professional duct tapes, utility duct tapes and all purpose duct tapes.

Gold filament tapes are also known as strapping tapes. These are used as pressure sensitive tapes in packaging tasks. The presence of pressure sensitive adhesive coating gives them additional tensile strength. The tapes are available in different grades of adhesives.  The width of the tapes range from 12 mm to 24 mm but varied widths are available in the market.

Cling films are widely used in packaging of single or bulk products. The tapes are generally used for protection food items for getting spoiled.  The main customers are hotel, restaurants, and beverages companies.

Some tapes are used as air bubble tapes, when they trapped air bubbles between two sheets of tape. The air bubble sheets Surface Protection Tape manufacturers in India give protection against chemical, water and do not produce static electricity current.  These tapes also give protection against dents and scratches.