Friday, 26 February 2016

Various Types of Tapes Used in Packaging Industry

Different types of tapes are used in packaging industry. Each is required for specific work and packaging. Bioxially oriented polypropylene tape or BOP taps are used in many applications in the industry. The tapes are printed with single or multi colors as per the requirements of the clients. Depending on the demand of the customer, the tapes are also printed with logo or brand name of the customers company. These tapes are bi axially oriented tapes and have excellent peel strength.  The types of BOP takes are: rubber based tapes which are used for cold temperature packing and printed brown transparent tapes. These tapes come in different micron, colors and coating thickness. The advantages of these tapes are that they provide adhesion to the surface and have strong grip.  The performance of these tapes is also excellent under extreme pressure and temperature. They stick on all types of surfaces easily. Their primary use is in medium and heavy duty carton sealing, decoration, gift wrapping, Stationery purposes, strapping and bundling.

Surface protection tape as the name suggests is used to protect any type of surface. These tapes are used as temporary protection measures.  They have right amount of adhesive to provide protection from heat, water, moisture and dust to the surface on which it is used. These tapes are actually films and that is why are widely used to provide protection from scratches, stains, abrasions during transportation or fabrication or installation of goods. Since these taps have ultra low tack adhesive, they can be removed easily. These tapes are available in two basic types, which are, with adhesive or without adhesive or glue. The four basic grades in the duct tapes are available in the market. They are utility duct tapes, professional duct tapes, industrial duct tapes and all purpose duct tapes. The advantages with these tapes are that Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India they are oil resistant, have excellent adhesion level, can withstand any weather, have UV protection qualities and are 100 % recyclable. The main aim of surface protection film is to protect the surface from external elements.

Gold Filament Tapes are also known as strapping tapes and work as pressure sensitive tapes for various packaging needs. They are available in many grades including tonsils strength depending on per inch of width.  They also come in different grades of adhesives.  Generally the width of these tapes is 12mm to 24mm but other width are also available in the market. 

Cling films are used in packing single or bulk products .they come in two forms PVC and LLDP cling films. The several sizes with varied thickness can be found in the market. Their main function is to prevent Suppliers of Surface protection film the spilling and keep food precuts fresh and soft for long time. Food and beverages companies are their major customers. Besides them, hotels, supermarkets also use these tapes.

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