Monday, 21 March 2016

Different Types of Protection film used in India

Different types of protection films are used to protection the surface against any scratches and cuts during transportation and installation process. These films are made in various types so that they can be used for any type of surface. Surface protection film also comes in various types with adhesion for different surfaces. It is used for polished stainless steel, PC sheets and acrylic sheets brass plates, aluminum, and other smooth surface. The protection film is easy to remove and leaves no trace of any adhesive. It saves the surface from all type of weather. The surface protection film has excellent workability.

Guard protection film is also used for the protection of surfaces like plastic, aluminum, glass, acrylic, foam boards, and composite panels etc. The film is available in white, white and black colors. The thickness of the protection film can be from 40, 50 80 mic to 100 mic. The length of the tape can depend on the customer order. The guard protection film leaves no residue adhesive at the surface after removing the tape. It not only gives protection against scratches, cuts, abrasion or stains, it protects the used surface from extreme weather conditions.

Non transfer protection film is specially made protection film for sensitive and low energy surfaces. The strength of the adhesive and thickness of the film can be tailor made according to the need of the surface, which is to be protected. Its manufacturing also depends on the level of protection required. This type of film is ideal for protection the easy stretchable surfaces or sensitive surfaces during transportation, installation and storage stages. 

Floor protection film is used Surface Protection Film Manufacturers in India primarily for the protection of flooring of different kinds.  The floor protection film has low adhesive base, which makes it smoothly flat on the surface. When this protection film is removed, it does not leave any residue on the surface of the floor. This film is made with 75/125/200 micron films for protection the different kind of films. It can be used during construction, renovation, painting and remodeling for floor protecting. The film is ideal for hard surfaces. It can be easily rolled and it stays where it is fixed. The floor protection gives protection from foot traffic and scuffling. It also protects from dust, leakages and slippages.

The floor protection film can be used in houses, malls, factories, offices during construction or repairing activity. Since film is water proof, it can easily be cleaned, mopped or swept to clean the surface. The floor protection film can be used for marbles, granites, furniture, courter tops, tiles and other hard surfaces. When it is removed, it does not leave any adhesive mark on the surface. The only Suppliers of Surface protection film precaution that must be taken before using any surface film is that the surface on, which is to be protected, must be cleaned thoroughly and made dry. The adhesive side of the film should be put on the surface and slightly pressed to leave the protection film at the surface.

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